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Forging Strong Relationships with Insurers Means Establishing Credibility!

Hampton Collision Center welcomes our friends in the insurance industry to a site that is designed to make your life easier.  We seek to build strong relationships with all insurers to streamline communication, eliminate unwanted surprises for our mutual customers, and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.   In short, we strive to improve our capabilities everyday.  In doing so, Hampton Collision seeks to build credibility among professionals in the industry who realize that customer retention is only as good as their client's last repair experience.

To build credibility in the insurer community, we've expanded our customer service focus to include insurers and their agents.  We're working diligently to make  the complicated claims handling effort as streamlined and informative as possible.  We also want to become a resource for fulfilling your Continuing Education requirements.  As a member of the Alliance, we make CEU resource materials available to our area insurers.


Client Retention is the Key to Your Success. The DuPont Performance Alliance is working diligently  to ensure that insurers can refer their clients to collision repair centers that restore vehicles using industry-recognized best practices and quality repair and refinishing materials. Learn more about the DuPont Performance Alliance and how it enhances your client retention rates.


Continuing Education Requirement?  Now you can access the DuPont Performance Alliance CEU Research Library where you will find a number of topics from which you can choose.  Best of all, we'll pick up the tab! Request a Shop Code using our online form. To access the system, please copy and paste our Shop Code (above) into the login box that will open when you click the CEU Link .


Questions about the Alliance?  Our Frequently Asked Questions system may have the answer and save you a phone call.  Please review the Insurer's Topic to see some of the most common questions we get about our efforts to provide insurers with service above and beyond that provided by our peers. Explore our FAQ's.


Comments or Suggestions?  Please feel free to let us know how we can better serve the insurer community.  Please use our convenient Customer Feedback form to provide us your suggestions.  We're proud of the service we provide our clients and continually strive to improve our performance.



Insurer's Newsletter Subscription

We invite all of our insurer's representatives to subscribe to our Insurer's Newsletter.  This quarterly publication will come to your e-mail inbox and supply you with helpful industry news and Continuing Education opportunities.  You may unsubscribe at any time by following the unsubscribe link.



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